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What is Top Soil?

Topsoil is typically found on the top 2-8” of undisturbed virgin ground. This layer is vital for grass seed and plantings as it is the home to most of the nutrients, microorganisms and organic matter.


Top Soil Supply

Our topsoil is finely screened and kept dry. Very little, if any, is wasted so the ease of installation and value will speak for itself. We sell topsoil in bulk. It can be delivered to you home or picked up at our location.


What is Fill Used for?

Clay or shale fill is used when larger elevation changes are required. Use of fill can accomplish grading projects, raised beds, and large holes that require a bulk amount of material. Usually once the desired height is achieved topsoil is then applied to cover the entire area with a beneficial growing layer.


Fill Supply

We sell fill in bulk. It can be delivered to your home or picked up at our location.

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