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Our professional landscaping company is proud to provide mulches of consistent quality to the Lehigh Valley. Our dyed black and brown mulches add stunning color to your landscapes. Adding bark mulch or fine mulch to your garden can be done relatively inexpensively and is the perfect do it yourself project.


What is the purpose of mulching?

Mulching adds both a beneficial aesthetic value to your home and nutritional value to your plants and shrubs. All of our mulch for sale contain organic material pulverized to various consistencies depending on your project. Our playground mulch is CPSC certified. The hardwood mulch we sell is a great and inexpensive way to cover out of the way areas while not compromising on your quality. We will gladly assist you in selection and quantities needed for your project.


Lehigh Valley Mulch Delivery

We offer mulch delivery to your site or you can pick up at our landscaping supply yard in Allentown.

Premium Mulches We Stock

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