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Construction stone is typically used for a base, backfill or drainage application. Patio bases, road bases, leveling applications and drainage behind retaining walls are just some of the varied uses of construction stone.

SCREENINGS: Finely pulverized/chipped limestone used for leveling slabs and screening base under certain applications.



1B: Chipped limestone used for drainage and leveling. Used as a leveling agent under permeable paver applications.




2B: Chipped limestone used for drainage behind walls and underneath permeable paver applications. Also used for base material under poured concrete.




2A MODIFIED: Chipped limestone of various sized used for base material under paver patios, retaining walls and asphalt paving applications. 





#4 LIMESTONE: Number fours are larger fist sized chunks of limestone used primarily in sedimentation and erosion control. They can also be used for roadbase and construction entrances.


natural stone products for construction
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